Best Homeschool Apps To Help Your Kids Study At Home

Educational Mobile Apps

Homeschooling already existed in the past, but only a few parents have opted for homeschooling set up for their kids. However, when the pandemic hits, the number of students who were put on this set-up increases which is why having a tool like a homeschooling app can come in handy. 

If you want your kids to have the best homeschooling experience, you must try to take a look at some homeschooling apps that you can download on their devices. Some of the homeschooling apps that are worth checking out are the following: 

Khan Academy

If you are looking for an app that can help your homeschooler improve their learning by participating in practice exercises and watching instructional videos then the Khan Academy app might be appealing to you.

In addition to the learning features of the app, Khan Academy also has a learning dashboard where you can personalize and empower your kid’s learning at home. All the lessons in the app can be independently completed by your child. You can watch the instructional video with them as well so that you can help them understand the concept if they need some clarification.


Lesson Plans and To-do Lists
Planner and Mobile Phone

Even though this app is mainly created for teachers to help them organize lesson plans and subjects, it can also be used by homeschooling students who want to organize their home lessons as well. 

You can check and try it yourself to see how convenient it is to have a Planboard app to help your kids be on top of all their lessons. This app is user-friendly which is why it will be easy for your child to use it. 

Homeschool Helper

One of the most helpful apps for homeschooled kids is the Homeschool Helper that is intentionally built for them. There may be a lot of tracking apps available in the market but Homeschool Helper is the best of them all. 

You can use it to track your child’s progress, calculate their grades, plan their lessons and manage their book lists. Additionally, you can also plan field trips using the app and track other tasks related to your child’s homeschooling. 

Reading Eggs

If you have a preschooler then the Reading Eggs app might capture your interest. This app is a very popular educational tool that helps children learn how to read using interactive games and guided lessons with fun activities that will surely engage your kids in learning how to read. 

It is a multi-award-winning educational app that will teach your child how to read and be ahead of their peers. The majority of homeschool teachers are using the Reading Eggs app to teach their students how to read. 


Reading E-book on Kindle

Having a Kindle app on your homeschooler’s device is also a must. You can compile books that are necessary for your kid’s learning where they can also easily access them anytime. You can add academic books, reading books, and storybooks in the Kindle app. 

Although there are so many e-reader apps out there, Kindle has become the most popular and widely used all over the world. You can still opt for other options such as Nook and iBooks, whichever you feel comfortable with.


Cozi is an app that your whole family can use to stay organized on your day-to-day tasks. Additionally, you can also organize homeschooling schedules for each of your children. The app can be sync on each family member’s devices so that all of you will be on the same page.

You can add anything on the Cozi app such as grocery lists, meal plans, and to-do lists. The app can be sync with your existing Google calendar to give you a chance to manage your schedule better. 

To Sum it Up 

There are a lot of apps that can help you and your homeschooler achieve their best potential even when they are homeschooled. As a parent, it is up to you if you want to help boost your child’s learning through these apps. Most of it is free which is why there is no reason not to try it. 

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