Games to Look Forward To in the 2021 NFL Season

NFL Season 2021-22

As we are nearing the commencement of the 2021 NFL season, everyone is starting to talk about what happened from the previous season. After the most talked-about match-up of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs on the Super Bowl LV, football fans become more excited to witness the action this coming season. 

If you are one of the fans that are already experiencing too much excitement and anticipation, then you might want to check out and list down all of these upcoming games this season that you don’t wanna miss. 

Bucs vs Patriots

NFL Line of Scrimmage

Just a quick recap, last March 2020, six times Superbowl champion Tom Brady confirmed that he will be leaving the New England Patriots. Brady has been with the Patriots for 20 years and they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together. 

As the word broke out, everyone already had a clue why and who he would be signed under. True enough, a week after the announcement of Brady leaving the Pats, Tampa Bay Buccaneers released an announcement confirming that Tom Brady had officially signed a contract under them. 

Fast forward to today, football fans that have been following this topic since day one have been looking forward to the match-up between these two teams. Watching Brady playing against his teammates that he has known for almost all of his life can be something to look forward to. 

Even individuals who are not fans of both teams will surely enjoy the excitement and tension of this game for this season. So, on October 3 at 8:30 pm, you might want to cancel all your prior engagements, grab popcorn and beer, sit on your couch and watch how this game will turn out to be. 

Chiefs vs Ravens 

Many Chiefs fans have shown disappointment over the result of the Super Bowl LV. However, the reason behind the team’s demise is valid. Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs Quarterback, was playing with a toe injury which had a huge impact on his performance that day. 

After the Super Bowl, Mahomes underwent toe surgery and he is expected to be fully recovered in time for the 2021 NFL season. For this year, the most anticipated game that Mahomes will be playing is with the Ravens. 

What is exciting about this match-up? The Chiefs vs Ravens game that will happen on September 19 is considered to be a face-to-face battle between the two back-to-back MVPs. Patrick Mahomes as the 2018 MVP and Lamar Jackson as the 2019 MVP. 

As a result? The game is expected to be good. It can be the first action-packed battle that the Chiefs will encounter this season and something that you might want to witness as well. 

Packers vs Browns 

NFL Defensive Tackle

Without Aaron Rodgers in the picture, how will the Packers perform? Months ago, the Packers were hoping that their Quarterback Aaron Rodgers would play for them again. However, later this April an issue ignited between the Packers and Rodgers that is making headlines all over the internet. 

It seems like the Packers will not have their QB back for this season at all and for the Browns, it can be a great opportunity to win a game on Christmas day. The Browns’ young QB who is starting to build a name in the NFL will also be on the radar of all football fans this season and surely be tested out. 

For many fans, watching an NFL match where they can see Browns’ Myles Garett, Odell Beckham Jr., and Baker Mayfield taking out the Packers’ Za’darius Smith, Devante Adams, and Aaron Rodgers (hopefully) will be a great Christmas gift. 

Jets vs Jaguars 

Watching the 2021 NFL draft top two picks facing each other on the football field this season would be the best way to know who amongst them will become the next Superstar. The Jacksonville Jaguars were given the first pick position in the 2021 NFL draft where they chose to recruit Trevor Lawrence, QB. 

Furthermore, the second overall pick was given to the New York Jets where they picked Zach Wilson, QB. This game would be the first time both rookies come face to face with each other and this is where everyone will see who is a better player.

After you feast your eyes on a great Christmas day game between the Packers and the Browns, you can then enjoy the action given by the Jets and the Jaguars on the 26th day of December. Make sure that you will leave a few cans of beer for the battle after Christmas.

Packers vs Chiefs

NFL 2021-22 Regular Season

The game between the Packers and the Chiefs on November 8 is what could have been the match-up on the Super Bowl LV. This is the most anticipated match everyone thought could happen. 

Unfortunately for the Packers, they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl when they lost against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game thanks to their coach Matt LaFleur. It could be a good game witnessing Patrick Mahomes go head-to-head with Aaron Rodgers on the field. 

Because Rodgers turns out to have decided not to play for the Packers anymore, the head-to-head will never happen. However, it can still be a good fight watching the “supposed to be” Super Bowl LV game. 


Another season is coming very soon and excitement is starting to fill the air of the entire NFL industry. There are so many what if’s and disappointments from the previous season that leave fans and experts with more anticipation for this season’s games. In the 2021 NFL Season, many have hoped that they will be surprised in a good way and not in a disappointing way. 

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