Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History

scientific discoveries

Science is important in our daily lives. It helps make our lives easier and understand our surroundings better by opening up our minds in many different ways. When it comes to science, all elements or discoveries will remain the same over time based on the facts and experiments conducted. 

Additionally, science is a very interesting topic as it lets you discover a lot of things. There are already so many discoveries that were made in science and all of them changed the world. Here are some of the greatest discoveries in science that might inspire you to study science even more. 



For centuries, the world has faced different problems when it comes to humanity’s health. Pandemic after pandemic that claimed millions of lives all around the world. A pandemic is expected to occur anytime which is why the study of vaccines has been a great help to prevent more lives lost during a pandemic. 

The most dangerous outbreak that has happened in history are measles, mumps, polio, flu and now the coronavirus. All of them are deadly and highly contagious not until the discovery of the vaccine that can either prevent or alleviate the symptoms these diseases caused. 

Scientists and medical experts around the world work together to create a vaccine. Thanks to science, these professionals help the world survive and combat deadly diseases that plague humanity. 


Another great scientific discovery in the field of medicine is antibiotics. A world without antibiotics is a deadly place to live. Bacterias are everywhere and all of us are exposed to them no matter what we do. 

Imagine, a small cut can cost you your life if antibiotics weren’t invented at all. In the past when there were still no antibiotics available, there were so many people who died of bacterial infection that is considered a normal and highly treatable occurrence nowadays. 

Before, even a simple tooth infection will kill you. Ponder on those words and imagine yourself living in that era. You will surely appreciate the simple things that we have at present including the existence of antibiotics. Aside from saving millions of lives for so many years, antibiotics also paved the way for modern medicine that we are enjoying right now. 

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest scientific inventions. As a human, it is normal to feel uncomfortable with the idea that we are now living in a world where robots are starting to think for themselves. We only saw this kind of scenario in sci-fi movies that we enjoy watching. 

And the worst? In those movies, robots have taken over the world. But what you are not seeing is that artificial intelligence provides a huge benefit to humanity. AI’s can help us make our lives easier and the world a more comfortable place to live. 

Today, everything we do can be connected to artificial intelligence. From phone calls, medicine, and even transportation. We are in the technology era which is why having artificial intelligence helping us every day is not surprising at all. 


Our developing understanding of DNA has improved a lot of things in our world. From the discoveries of medical treatments up to how we solve crimes. DNA contains the genetic code of an organism including humans.

In this genetic code, experts can easily understand an organism’s behavior. Without the discovery of DNA, our experts would not have discovered all the important discoveries they made especially in medicine. 

For many, DNA is the most important scientific discovery that was made in human history. It has been the foundation of other groundbreaking medical discoveries for decades.



Now stop. Imagine a world without electricity. No lights to brighten your nights, no television, no music, no internet, no nothing. What will you do? For all of us who are already used to having electricity powering our home and our gadgets, it can be so difficult to be living in that kind of world. 

Everyone in this generation has been so dependent on electricity like how dependent we are on food and water. This is why we should be thankful that we are alive in this era and not before electricity was discovered. 

Electricity is a natural occurrence in nature and it has already existed since the earth was formed. However, it just needed to be discovered so that it can be put into good use which is what had happened. 

Let’s be Grateful

Let us be grateful for all of the scientific discoveries that have been made. These discoveries made our lives easier and the world a safer and more livable place. You should expect that there will be more scientific discoveries that will be happening soon. If you are fond of science, continue your passion and maybe you will be the next person who will discover something that will further change the world. 

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