How To Teach Vocabulary To Elementary Students To Make It Easy And Fun

Black teacher teaching her students

In learning a language, mastering vocabulary is the main key to being able to arrange sentences well. Especially for elementary school students who do not have as much vocabulary as they know. For that, you must try to teach vocabulary to elementary school students well. The following is an easy and fun way on how to teach vocabulary to elementary students.

Word Maps

Word maps are a good medium for teaching vocabulary to children. The form in the form of graphics can make it easier for children to use it in sentences or associate words with synonyms and antonyms. This activity is very useful to stimulate students’ thinking in associating new words with words they already know.

In using word maps, you can use help such as word cards. The goal is because writing and drawing can encourage students to define new vocabulary words with their own terms. Therefore, you can use this method in teaching vocabulary to elementary school students.

Use Music to Memorize

Using music is how to teach vocabulary to elementary students. Many people use music to help memorize. Music is a good intermediary for memorizing because it has a rhythm. Therefore, with music, it is easier for people to memorize vocabulary.

So you can insert the city of words in the song. So that children can learn vocabulary in an easy and fun way. Of course, children will memorize vocabulary more in this way.

Two kids draw something on the paper


The next easy way to teach vocabulary to children is to draw. Images and colors are easier to visualize children’s understanding of words. So you can ask your child to draw the vocabulary you provide. Then you explain in more detail about the vocabulary by adding fairy tales or others.

Or you can also invite them to make flashcards and play them together. That way you can teach vocabulary with fun. In addition, you can apply this learning to several children.

Word of the Day

Applying word of the day is how to teach vocabulary to elementary students. You can stimulate a child’s understanding of words by speaking them out. To do this you must determine the words you will use that day. And use other words the next day.

So students only need to shout every time someone says the word. Of course, students will not realize that they are being invited to learn words but are just playing. Therefore, applying this word of the day can be an alternative for teaching vocabulary to elementary school students.

Writing story

Writing stories is how to teach vocabulary to elementary students that people use quite often. By writing stories, children will pour all the vocabulary they have by writing and reading. Therefore you can assign students to write stories to find out what vocabulary they have.

So you can give students the opportunity to learn the definitions and spelling of the vocabulary they have. In addition, you can give this assignment as an individual assignment or project assignment.

That’s how to teach vocabulary to elementary students that you can do easily and fun. The age of elementary school students does not yet have a vocabulary that many. So you have to help him so that the student can master the language properly and correctly.

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