The Ultimate Goal Against Global Warming in the Year 2030

Stop Global Warming

The United Nations aims to reverse the effects of climate change before the year 2030. It is being said that by the year 2030, the global warming that we are experiencing today will become irreversible. 

The COVID-19 pandemic that many people are afraid of today including yourself is nothing compared to what will happen to the world if global warming worsens and becomes irreversible. The COVID-19 virus will go away with the use of vaccines and medicines, while global warming in the year 2030 will never be cured or stopped. It will become our future. 

What Is Global Warming?

Greenhouse Emission

From the name itself, global warming is the rising of temperature in the earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon is caused by the greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere by both natural occurrences and human activities.

However, the rate of how the earth’s temperature increases have become even faster these days which can be blamed on humans. The world is rapidly changing and people are enjoying modernization without thinking about the consequences. 

Have you heard about the news that the world’s largest ice shelf breaks off Antarctica? That is one example of how global warming can affect the earth. Icebergs break off from their ice shelf due to the warm air melting the iceberg’s surface and the warm water seeps through the small cracks until it becomes larger that causes it to break off. 

If compared to natural greenhouse causes, the contributions of humans to the rising temperature are more significant. This is why it is also up to us if we do something to help slow down global warming. 

The Plan for the Year 2030

Global Warming in 2030

The ultimate goal for the year 2030 that every one of us should participate in is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions we produce. This must happen before the year 2030. We only have a few years to do this but if we all work together nothing is impossible. 

Global warming and climate change are two phenomena that are interconnected. Climate change is the long-term change that is happening with the earth’s climate. Due to the rising temperatures of the earth, oceans heat up which feeds typhoons and makes it even stronger and damaging. 

If you are wondering why your location is always experiencing strong typhoons lately but hasn’t been in the past years, this is because of global warming. Additionally, You can also notice that sea levels are rising and wildlife is struggling to survive due to the changes in their habitat.

What humans do affects everything inside our planet and these effects will come back to us one way or another. Humans cannot live on a planet with too much heat nor survive extreme colds. We existed on earth for a reason and this reason is that earth has the perfect elements that make it liveable to humans. 

Things We Can Do to Help Slow Down Global Warming 

As the main cause of uncontrollable global warming, human beings are also the ones who can greatly help resolve this global problem. If you want to help achieve this goal for 2030, you can do the following suggestions and make it a habit. 

Spread Awareness

The easiest way you can help is to spread awareness about this issue. You can open up this topic to your families and friends and convince them to take part as well. Reach out to as many people as you can through your words. You can even use social media platforms to spread the word and reach other people outside your circle. 

When opening the topic, explain to them what is currently happening, how it affects us and the future generations, and the most important of all is to let them know what they can do to help resolve the issue. 

You can as well direct your words to the elected officials of your country if they are still blinded by the truth that we are already suffering from. This may be a very simple gesture from you but it can make an impact on global warming and climate change. 

Opt for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The electricity that we are using every day to power our homes and to make our lives comfortable is one of the main contributors to the greenhouse effect. All equipment and appliances you have at home release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which worsens the situation. 

However, one of the new trends in home designing is to incorporate as much renewable energy into your home as possible. One example of this is to install solar panels which can be the main source of your home’s electricity. 

Another thing to consider is to buy home appliances that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. When you go shopping for appliances, go for items that have the energy star label. This is to ensure that you are buying a product that is not affecting the environment.

For lighting up your homes, better switch to LED lightbulbs and replace all incandescent bulbs that are installed. Today, LED light bulbs are widely sold and used all over the world. This cannot only help you save money from electric bills but you can also help save the planet. 

Minimize the Use of Automotive Vehicles

Limit the use of your automotive vehicles to the minimum. You can opt to walk or ride a bicycle instead, especially if you are not going to a very far place. Leave your car in the garage and enjoy the view of your neighborhood and the weather while walking or riding a bike. 

Not only do you minimize the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere on that day but you will also achieve a healthy body by doing cardio exercise such as walking and biking. It is a win-win situation for you and the environment.

Make Sure to Pull the Plugs 

Pull the Plugs

Pull the plug of every appliance that is not in use. Not because certain equipment is turned off means it is not using electricity. As long as the plug is still on the outlet, electricity continues to flow, thus pulling it will ensure that there is no electricity wasted. 

To Wrap It up 

If we do not act today, it is expected that in 2030 we will all suffer from the effects of our selfish acts. Imagine the heat we are experiencing today, compare it to what it was before and imagine it to be much worse in 2030. You do not want to be living on a dry and extremely hot planet with water that becomes very limited. You do not want your children to suffer that fate. So stand up, do your part and let us help reduce global warming together. 

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