Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For 2021

Best Music Streaming Apps

Imagine a world without music for sure you are seeing a world that is bland and lifeless with a deafening silence. This is why music is very important in our lives as some individuals consider it as meditation while to some it is their way of expressing their emotions. 

As we are now living in the technological age, music can now easily access whenever and wherever you are no matter what you are doing. Thanks to the music streaming services. If you are one of the majority of humanity who can’t live without music, you should check out these 5 hot music streaming apps this 2021 that you can download on your phone. 



Music streaming app Spotify still claims the number one spot this year as it is still the most downloaded and used music streaming service worldwide. You can install this app on your mobile phone for free. You can as well use the app and listen to music with no added cost through their free plan. 

If you want to enjoy some added features such as saving music for offline streaming, you will be asked to pay for the premium account subscription. However, the free version can be enough to enjoy your favorite music from their vast music library that will suit your mood. 


Another free music app that is making a buzz this year is Shazam. The app will let you search the name of a song just through music or sound. This is the best app if you have a lot of music in your mind but do not know the title. 

The app is compatible to download on both ios and android devices. You can as well use their website and stream music from your laptop or desktop. Shazam will not ask for any payment from you to use the app as it is 100% free. 

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music offers its users a wide catalog of music with a great quality sound. This music streaming app has been around for quite some time and even though there have been other music streaming platforms that emerged, apple music is still one of the favorites. 

The only downside of this app is that it is only available for Apple users and cannot be downloaded on Android devices. This might be the reason why it only landed on the number three spot on our list as it can only serve limited people. 

Youtube Music 

A new player this year emerged from the all-time favorite video streaming website Youtube. The company has created its own music streaming app where users can install on their mobile phones and stream music anytime they want. 

What makes this app interesting is that you can quickly switch your listening activity to viewing the music video of the music if it is available. Youtube music is quite good even though it is an underdog in the music streaming app industry. 

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited

A potential Spotify rival that can be integrated perfectly with Alexa. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can acquire great discounts on an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. However, prime members can already have access to prime music using their membership but with only smaller music options.


Each music streaming app may have its respective benefits depending on who uses them. No matter how good an app is compared to the other, it still comes down to the user’s preference. It is best to choose an app that will provide you with what you need. 

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